Boy! Does your handyman have a list of things he can do for you longer than his thick arms? He’s even got carpentry services in charleston, sc lined up for you. And that’s what this wooden writer here is going to be focusing on for now. He’s wooden only because he’s in love with wood. As he types out this note, he’s sitting behind a neat wooden desk. He looks to his left, and what does he see?

He sees his grand old wardrobe. To others, this would be known as a cupboard. What does he use it for? Well, a mixture of things. Practically living out of his suitcase, the coatrack is reserved for finely tailored suits and jackets. If he is honest, he could not say that that is a genuine leather jacket hanging over there. Most of the clothes are stored away in a chest of drawers – it is a fine piece of furniture, by the way – and so it goes that his cupboard has shelf space.

He moved just a few weeks ago, so he is short of storage space. And so it goes that he utilises his spare cupboard shelves for his books. Yes, that much is true; he is a hoarder of books. He finds it always so challenging let go of books that he has not touched for many a year, but somehow always finds a new book project buried therein. But to date, there is nothing on wood. Nothing on cabinetmaking either.

carpentry services in charleston, sc

For that, he would have to visit his grand old folks who have always had a love for antique furniture. Over the years, they spent a lot of time and money restoring old pieces of furniture instead of pitching it out.