It is during the summer months that we have to deal with these flying pest.  They come out at night, fly around and suck our blood.  In the morning we discover a wide variety of lumps and bumps have appeared from the bites of mosquitoes.  For this reason, we are constantly seeking mosquito control in Brunswick County methods.

Scented perfumes and lotions

You want to avoid any type of scent or fragrance on your body.  When you have these on, the mosquitoes will be drawn to the alcohol that is in these products.  When they are attracted they will make a b line directly to you.

Wear white

mosquito control in Brunswick County

They say not to wear white after Labor Day, but when it comes to fighting mosquitoes, you want to wear white all day long.  The reasoning behind this is that white or light clothing doesn’t absorb heat which is the main thing that mosquitoes are looking for.  So, put up some shields and wear white.

Reduce shade in your yard

One thing that we typically don’t want to do is reduce the shade in our yard because it helps keep our yards cool.  However, you will want to do this if you have a lot of mosquito problems.  Mosquitoes like to hade in these areas so the best thing to do is cut your grass and prune your hedges.

Use bug bulbs

One thing that we will want to consider is the color of the light that we have in our yards.  The color yellow seems to be a popular color to keep mosquitoes away.  To help facilitate this, turn all of your bulbs from outside to the yellow bug bulbs.  This will be a natural way to handle the problem.

Remove standing water and treat water features

Mosquitoes like any other creature needs water to live.  If you have standing water from rain you will want to have that water removed.  If you have water features such as fountains and pools, it will be a good idea to have them treated.